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Archangel Haniel, depicted as a radiant angelic figure, symbolizing joy, healing, family relationships, communication, and the turquoise ray of clear perception.

Meet Archangel Haniel – Healer of Families and Relationships

archangel haniel Aug 01, 2023


Today we meet Archangel Haniel (Anael) whose name means ‘Joy of God’.  Beautiful Archangel Haniel can instantly change our mood from one of hopelessness and despair to great joy.

One of Archangel Haniel’s special areas is the healing of family relationships and bonds.  So call on her to help mend relationships within your family of birth, adopted family members, including friends who have become family, children, and romantic relationships.  She is particularly adept at helping us deal with issues of abandonment and will help and guide you in integrating your Inner Child.

Haniel is aligned with the throat chakra in the chakra system and thus her gentle healing centres on communication by encouraging the exchange of open dialogue, allowing all parties to exchange thoughts and feelings in ways that can be heard and accepted by others.

In romantic relationships in particular, Haniel teaches us to embrace wisdom, insight, and stability whilst we enjoy the euphoria of being in love.  By combining personal love with unconditional love, and unconditional love with the appropriate degree of responsibility to self, Haniel shows us how to achieve a healthy perspective and then to experience romantic love from a standpoint of poise, balance, and sanity.

Archangel Haniel, appears as pale blue, green or turquoise light and she works within the green and white angel light rays, which represent healing and prosperity (green) and holiness (white). Her turquoise light represents clear perception.

And this is interesting and may be an invitation for us all to work more closely with Archangel Haniel, as we move into the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.  Raven in "The Angel Bible" writes:  "Turquoise is a balanced blend of green and blue. It helps to develop our unique individuality. It is the New Age colour of the Age of Aquarius that encourages us to seek spiritual knowledge. Haniel is the archangel of divine communication through clear perception . . . Invoke Archangel Haniel’s Turquoise Ray to give you strength and perseverance when you feel weak."

While we are still experiencing the potent energies of yesterday’s full moon, I love this about Haniel and that I chose her for today; Archangel Haniel also rules the kingdoms of the Earth and is one of the regents of the moon!

I invite you all to call on Archangel Haniel today and to do so is so simple:  “Dearest Archangel Haniel, thank you for being with me today.  Please help me with . . . . .”

And as a last gentle reminder, Angels are actually neither female or male but are represented as their most dominant energy.  As such, Haniel is shown mostly as a beautiful female angel form, often holding a light.


Angel Blessings, Vivienne