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Journey to Wholeness: Sarah’s Path from Heartache to Healing with SOUL-space

Feb 26, 2024

My personal healing journey began in 2020 when the lockdown changed life for everyone. This gave me time which I put to good use but little did I know I was embarking on a profound personal journey. I was offered a place on a free personal development course that would change my life forever. This was a gift in more ways than one. I thought it was going to help me professionally but it did way more than that, I was on a whole new trajectory.

After my divorce I noticed that I was doing all the same things that I was doing during my younger days. I was a single mom and self employed and jumping from being that to a carefree 20 year old. I had not evolved, I was repeating patterns that were not reflective of my age, responsibilities or the dreams I had for myself.

I was feeling hopeless, helpless and disappointed with myself. I lacked self focus, self motivation and the crumbs of joy I had were found through external sources. Quite often I had a physical pain in my chest, my heart; a space, a hole that I could not reach to fill or soothe. I was going around in circles in all areas of my life. I was functioning but not thriving. I was coping but only just. This of course nobody knew, from the outside I was confident, competent and happy.

I soon discovered that being removed from your birth mother for whatever reason at any stage causes trauma. I was adopted, taken away from my birth mom at only a week or so of age. This meant I had childhood trauma wounds that caused me to behave in many ways that resulted in further emotional harm. I was living with layer upon layer of hurt and pain. I am fortunate to have loving and caring adopting parents, but sadly no amount of love automatically cancels out the loss. This revelation changed things forever. It was nobody's fault, there was no one to blame, but subconscious childhood trauma had been pushing me deeper and deeper into despair and self destructive behavior.

I needed to heal myself from abandonment and detachment trauma. I knew that unless I took action things would remain the same. I had a choice; stay the same or I could step up and do the work. My life could be better and I knew I could do it.

I began to look at the bigger picture, did plenty of research and learned so much about myself. I was a textbook example of childhood trauma; the patterns, beliefs and coping mechanisms.

All parts of me needed to be healed; the physical, mental, emotional and energetic. My Inner Child needed healing too.

It became clear that to get what I needed I had to be honest with myself and others and speak my truth. Slowly I found the information I needed and people that could guide and support me.

Whatever you need to heal from the process will be similar. But without exception it has to start with you. The common goal is personal joy, fullfilment and contentment - Self Love. The path to unconditional self love will be different for each and every one of us. We are all unique but might share similar stories of hurt and loss albeit for different reasons.

I'm glad I was honest and took a long hard look at myself to see my potential. I put on those big girl pants and made space to do the work. It was hard, at times I felt as though little had changed because it still hurt. With the right tools the pain lessened, I took.a few step back on many occasions but the recovery time sped up and the improvements became more noticeable.

There is still work to do, I feel that hole reappearing from time to time but I manage myself better; I give myself what I need, I breathe, I take a step back, I take responsibility. These days raising myself comes naturally.

It takes time to build The Foundations Of You but once they are in place life will look very different

These days I am mostly overflowing with many good feelings and emotions; there is joy, gratitude, warmth, satisfaction, hope, safety and excitement’. I think this means I am overflowing with love. Love of life and love for myself. How amazing is that! I can say I have earned my wings and I am proud of them.

My advice is simple, start by asking, silently or out loud. Then pay attention as serendipitously what you need finds you. Surrender and enjoy the journey. Be grateful for every darn thing in your life that is good. And most of all keep reminding yourself you are worthy and deserving of an abundant, prosperous, love filled life; to be whole.

If you are reading this you are part of the Global Heart Healing community and you are in the right place to discover more about healing. You are not here by chance, there is something here for you and I am very proud to be part of it.

SOUL-space is my unique practice that weaves together three holistic therapies for energetic and emotional wellness. I am in the Algarve, Portugal where I work from my home on top of a peaceful hill. We can meet in person or online, SOUL-space is energy healing, it will reach you. To support this I intuitively coach and mentor to deepen and fix the healing. I will walk with you for as long as you need, it would be my honor to accompany you on this journey, I will be cheering you on every step of the way.

If what I have shared speaks to you, reach out.

Warmth & Wellness,

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