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Joyce's Eagle Heart Journey: Bridging Divine Love, Forgiveness and Consciously Leading By Wisdom

Mar 29, 2024

 Born with Divine Choice:

Called by the Divine to be here NOW, I have a cellular memory that enthusiasm and challenge marked my entry into this lifetime. During my birth, Doctors administered too much gas that my mother was unable to push during delivery, exposing me to toxins that permeated my sacred prenatal environment. This unexpectedly triggered what I later identified as a NDE (Near Death Experience) during which time angelic forces greeted me and presented this simple choice, “Would you like to leave your infant body or stay?”  My soul’s response was, “Are you kidding? It took so long for me to find THESE parents!” Although there were positive outcomes resulting from that choice, there were also disruptive physical repercussions. I experienced severe colic with allergic responses to milk and other materials as well as becoming energetically super-sensitive. Additionally, ironically, years later, my Mom shared that when the nurse brought me to her after my birth, she and Dad thought they had the wrong child, because I had black fuzz running up and over my forehead, and across my entire back.


Childhood “Deficits” and Great Gifts Alternately Suppressed and Divinely Supported:

Curious, adventurous, creative, and loving by nature, at an incredibly early age, I was interested in other cultures, travel, and the world around me, through both the seen and unseen realms. When I began to share my precognitive visions (in Kindergarten), warning of danger or healing insights, and they actually happened, my classmates began to bully and ostracize me. At least three kids, and two elementary teachers, expressed fear of being around me. Saddened and confused by this, I asked for support through direct communication with the Divine, grateful to have parents who exposed me to a belief in a higher power (God), what I’ve come to express as our Original Source, All That Is.

My parents were amazing in so many ways and I am grateful for their generosity of spirit, discerning navigation through early economic hardships, and their loving dedication in raising five children. I learned so much about responsibility, ethical choices, power, truth, and authentic faith. Additionally, growing up with a strict, yet loving Father, I sometimes witnessed overwhelming expressions of the misuse of Power (transforming over time so as not to repeat his Father’s patterns) and felt the natural sense of helplessness as a tiny and sensitive child to stop the resulting hurt or pain in others. These incidences, coupled with global events that emphasized violence, prejudice and war instilled a sense of deep compassion, empathy, and loving determination within me to harness “Power With” to create transformative healing on this planet.

As my intuitive gifts continued to emerge, I experienced a second NDE. Caught in a riptide, thrown upside-down, I hit my head on a rock, knocked unconscious. Greeted by angels and ancestors, they told me, “It is not your time, you must go back.”  What resulted from that experience was a series of revelations that supported my pursuit of an integrative life bridging “Heaven to Earth” and embracing my gifts. This includes the ones that caused people to dismiss or diminish my essential self. In accelerated ways, my learning disabilities reversed, including my dyslexia, lisp, and my inability to read. Synchronistically, one of my cousins brought a surprise gift of a book on Edgar Cayce and relayed parapsychological and spiritual concepts. Then, my other cousin Adora began to teach me how to meditate and to assess other significant human capacities that helped guide these powerful gifts with discernment and to make ethical choices related to their use.

As I excelled in school and began serving as a cultural diplomat for foreign students, I experienced the joy of developing greater depth in friendships, while leading gracefully. Unexpectedly, I received news of another life challenge. This was a diagnosis of severe scoliosis and the necessity to wear a back brace through Junior High and High School or to choose a dangerous back operation. My parents refused to decide for me and insisted that I make the choice alone. Recognizing this as a pivotal moment in my life, I was initially upset, but then realized what a gift it was to have the sovereignty to make that choice. I genuinely believe that one of my greatest assets as a researcher now, was born in that moment!

Although I was very non-prejudiced to begin with, choosing the brace with all its negative social consequences and demanding physical isolation, solidified my efforts in mentoring personal to global honoring, and civil rights for all beings. Since my “pre-brace” friends stopped communicating or began to bully me, this also delineated a turning point in my capacities, not only to walk in the shoes of potential “victims,” but to neutrally observe the motivation of “Powering-Over perpetrators”/ “bullies” and those with an “I’m better than others” mindset. To this day, previous classmates continue to apologize. That signifies an incredibly powerful transformation!

Divinely Guided to Serve Humanity: Not a Straight line, but a Consciously Loving Path

Pursuing a college degree was never really a question for me, but more importantly I was asking how best I might serve to help others in expressing their wholeness of being, to lead better lives, and to positively impact the world and beyond at the highest level. Once again, the expression “integration of all of life,” was so essential in my work-life, including lessons from our past (inclusive of past lives), future possibilities (including future lives) and how that miraculously can manifest in this life NOW.

What happened? My initial interest focused on parapsychology, yet in exploring institutions and Universities that offered training in those subjects, I realized their motivation was to redirect the use of intuitive gifts to support military and covert operations. Since my intention was to develop these gifts for more positive co-creative leading, I shifted my search and ultimately decided that by combining multicultural psychology, the arts, and healing, I could bridge the heart of “walking in another’s moccasins” with intuition and logic that could make a difference in people’s lives and the world.  Coming full circle, I also took the ASVAB (military qualifying) test to consider assisting super soldiers with PTSD, after their having made choices that might bring them into cognitive dissonance between their internal moral compass in contrast to the potentially harmful actions soldiers do.

Profound Learning Through Relationships, Higher Education, Life-Work Experiences

At the beginning of my adult life as I entered my junior year of college, I met my former husband who was a brilliant art professor. After working in Europe with children diagnosed with Autism and Schizophrenia, we married and traveled on a 17-year journey as he moved in and out of severe depression. As a devoted partner, I was as supportive as possible but after moving thirty-two times, restarting our lifework each time, and repeatedly asking him if together we could seek professional advice. When he could not, I knew I had to make a different choice. After months of complex emotional reflection and release, meditation, prayers, dialogue, and divinely guided, I decided  to get a divorce. I do know that it was a healthy decision, but not an easy one. It reflected an essential aspect of my personal development and healing to dynamically balance the needs of self with my service, care, and love for others. During that same time period, I received dual master’s degrees in Multicultural Psychology and Fine Arts. I worked in numerous settings, able to serve in balanced ways, as a University Counselor and teacher, a Child and Family Counselor (in institutions, prisons, and in gang-laden regions), and as an Artistic and Multicultural Liaison adopted by the Catawba Tribe, Within each experience, I was able to serve in balanced ways, bridging forgiveness and divine love evoking more conscious, wise leading.

Working throughout my life, in-the-trenches and in the realms of the Divine, I am honored to witness great transformation in each and every one of my clients, within their relations as well as organizations. Within the past two decades, I addressed more global concerns revealing unhealthy forms of leadership reflecting patterns of dominant top-down powering over. From the personal to the global (to the greater Akashic bird’s-eye view), within the Corporate World, the World of Higher Education and scattered within non-profits, I experienced and then researched the less-than ethical practices and harmful activities taking place behind-the-scenes (overshadowing the more beneficence expressions). Most significantly, on a personal level, I experienced a boss who, after persistent requests to date, ended up physically harming me to the point of triggering a third NDE. In contrast to the previous NDEs, this one was not by accident, but by the controlling over intention to harm. This profound experience brought illumination to lifetimes of review as well as humanity’s life review and what’s needed at this critical time on our sacred planet. People need to fundamentally shift from fear-based choices to consciously loving decisions. Having a choice to remain in this vessel or leave, I knew that the work I came back for in this lifetime was not yet complete. Not only did this lead to my meeting my mutually supportive, spiritual, and intimate partner, but to my work as a Creative Director at the Foundation For Global Humanity whose mission is “to record, document, and preserve Indigenous and contemporary healing practices and ways of knowing and leading. It also led to the publishing of the  book, Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times:  Transforming World Systems Through the Hearts of Its Leaders. The content of the book was divinely channeled and concretely researched to share sacred wisdom teachings. In highly confidential and transformation workshops, I use it as a foundational tool to explore new ways of leading in the world.

More recently, after serving as a Scientific Research Manager for a psi-healing research pilot project at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), I began, once again, to ask what is needed for the greatest global healing on the planet. Just prior to and during the “pandemic,” I began a research project on Sacred Global Healing Consciousness Meditation Activation, teaching ethical Intuitive Psi initiations, and pursuing a Ph.D. in Quantum Natural Medicine. When the research results were complete, the greatest transformation occurred when bridging Divine Love and Forgiveness with the Conscious Intention to Leading By Wisdom. With Deep Gratitude and Blessings, I invite you to explore my Transformational Leadership and Intuitive Consulting, which integrates Parapsychology, Ethical Research Science, and Spiritual Global Healing.

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