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Embracing Vulnerability: Vivienne's Journey of Heartful Transformation

Dec 30, 2023

Over the last four years I have grown exponentially thanks to the wonderful souls I am surrounded with. The Global Heart Healing family and community is an integral part of this journey and my personal transformation story. I am empowered and delighted by each and every heartfelt connection shared. And as my work expands, I rejoice as I watch others journey’s unfold in front of me. Particularly as I watch a person learn for their first time the glorious power of vulnerability and how it is a doorway to connection.

Vulnerability is a beautiful, precious gift. Not only to oneself but also for those with whom you share your vulnerability with. When we can open ourselves to each other and share from the heart with openness and vulnerability, that is where we truly connect as humans, embodying the true nature of our souls.

With deep, loving connection as my north star, I believe in transformation through self-development and personal mastery. I am fulfilling my passion for nurturing and empowering others through my work which includes Meditation Training and Coaching, Personalized Healing Meditation Development, Mentoring, Hypno-trance Transformation and Life Skills & Personal Development Workshops. I just love the creativity and connection that my work offers me.

My early career in a design agency followed by marketing and project management in a large corporation was where I first honed my people skills. I then began following my heart and became a certified Reiki Practitioner, further expanding my interests and love with training in Chakra Healing, Yoga and Health, Wellness & Nutrition for Longevity. 

Fast forward a few years to when I uncovered my  Soul Purpose of “Helping awaken the Light, Joy and power in others by nurturing and through joyful service”. And this now underpins everything I do as I follow my passion to serve others. I am dedicated and driven to do so in ways that better the lives of all, particularly women and girls in my beloved South Africa. 

I live in sunny Johannesburg and I am blessed to be a mother of teenage boys (and an English Bulldog fur-baby). I am a tenacious wife, a pragmatic friend, a lover of all things beautiful - people, art, music, literature, nature, food - and a resolute life-long evolver, committed to my spiritual growth and life purpose.

For me the key is our beautiful Heart Spaces – this I have decided is EVERYTHING. The mastery of LOVE will transform every single part of our lives. We create from our heart space, we evolve from our heart space and we give from our heart space. And I believe that our true power as humans begins when we connect and live in our true nature of Oneness. 

My happy place is exercising or meditating in nature. I have a cheeky sense of humor. I love to laugh. I am happiest when collaborating with others, especially my dear Despina. And my close friends all over the world are everything to me. 

Vivienne Keytel

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