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Healing Hearts and Embracing Purpose: The Journey of Despina

Nov 27, 2023

“Healing the world, one heart at a time” is my motto. My mission and passion is to bring healing and peace to all hearts. As an intuitive energy healer, using the Emotion Code™ and other healing modalities, I help people get rid of their emotional baggage and feel free, peaceful and motivated to create infinite possibilities in their lives. 

But how did it all start? 

I was born in the beautiful country Greece with its scenic mountains and beaches. 

As a baby, I was diagnosed with a heart condition which kept me physically limited. I couldn’t run or dance like other kids, or even laugh because it would trigger the condition. So I was keeping quiet and spending a lot of time within myself. When other kids would play out, I would read books and absorb sacred knowledge. 

Somehow, all this was motivating me to help people heal and so I decided to become a doctor, to join MSF (Doctors without Borders) and help the people on this planet heal their hearts and feel better. My father, a school teacher, suggested I become an EFL teacher (English as a Foreign Language) and somehow I found it equally exciting because I would be able to help people learn and advance in life. 

In my 20s, I met my handsome husband and we spent some amazing years together, but when my daughter was born, I fell into postpartum depression which made me question everything in my life. It was a really dark period of my life and I’m so thankful I had this amazing man next to me to hold my hand. 

And this is where my quest began again… to heal my heart this time and to look even deeper within me and find my soul’s purpose. It was through this quest that I met Joy Harris during some beautiful learning we did together and with her help and support and seeing her beautiful heart, I was able to heal deep wounds and know that it is possible to have an open heart, a giving heart, a loving heart. 

Beta testing her course, Tap into Your Magic, was a landmark in my life because I found my calling! I almost immediately signed up to be an Emotion Code practitioner and I started helping people find peace and balance. I immersed myself in new learnings, books, anything that I could get my hands on so I can be of better service to this world. 

And what does the present and future look like for me? 

My dream has come true! I can now help people heal their hearts not only in my country but also internationally. I feel blessed to have met people that mirrored my dark side and accelerated my growth. I feel even more blessed to be a founding member of Global Heart Healing and feel at home with my soul family. I spend time in nature, I am a bookworm, I love capturing the beauty of my moments with my camera and I take care of my beautiful family and pets. 

And even though days can feel challenging sometimes, there are those unchangeable  moments I cherish the most during my day. Lunch with my daughter where she will tell me all about school in her own unique way, hugs with hubby, my cat on my chest purring and chatting with my soul sister Vivienne who makes me laugh with her emojis! 

And I can only wonder… how does it get any better than this?

Despina Charavgi

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