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Hello World: Joy's Healing Journey

Sep 12, 2023

That’s such a glorious title and a very exciting reality, almost hard to grasp but so lovely to explore!  My Healing Practice which began in 2017, incorporates Intuitive Energy Healing withThe Emotion and Body Code™ (And NOW Belief Code™as of 10/21/23) which are of benefit to people all over the world; I know this is true because I started working with people from many other countries, from Europe, Asia and Australia , as well as in the United States of America. Even more exciting to me is the ability to connect with you, my client, in the comfort of your own home, while I work remotely in the comfort of mine. I love this incredible, easy facilitation through Zoom video and proxy energetic connection.

Let me share a bit more of my background so you can get to know me better. Along the way you’ll see glimpses of common ground, discover how this revolutionary healing method works and has elevated my life, and you’ll see my heart and learn why this has now become my calling. I am no longer young, but I feel like I am; at least a couple decades younger than my current age!  So, let me just recap happenings in those decades. I was raised happily on our family ranch in New Mexico.  My childhood was pretty great; riding horses, playing with my brothers outside, working cattle with my dad, cooking inside with my mom, sister and grandmother.  I loved helping everyone. When I was seven we moved to another ranch in Oklahoma.  We lived there for six  years and we moved six times, but we still did all the above plus  really active in 4-H and my favorite part was swimming our horses in the creeks. 

Teen’s ~ Uncertainty, puberty and transitions – At 13 we moved to Albuquerque and later Cuba, New Mexico, where I graduated high school before entering to college at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.   All the moving and leaving friends behind sometimes left me feeling lonely, and starting in new places I experienced some bullying, mostly because I was new, but also because I was quite a “good girl”.  My parents were looking for work, so I babysat 40 hours a week to help out, while taking Calvert Correspondence for 8th grade.  Then I started school with 1000 students in 9th grade, a real culture shock, before moving to the very remote Jicarilla Apache Reservation Livestock Operations, near tiny Cuba, NM to finish High School. 

20’s ~ Dating, sex, relationships, career vs family – My innocence led to a series of truly inadequate relationships, frustrations regarding sex, an incident of assault, all causing much emotional pain. I was also starting my career in advertising, marketing and sales which was mostly exciting – Lubbock, Texas, Los Angeles, California and back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but there were struggles with work and loneliness too. About age 26, I started really wanting to have a family. 

30’s ~ Pregnancy, having babies, raising children, juggling career choices – After 14 years of kissing frogs, at 31 I finally met my prince who is my wonderful husband, Doak!  We bought a house and when I moved in – that was my 33rd move, we’ve  been together here for 32 happy years now.  We have two beautiful daughters, both my pregnancies were great, both deliveries, however, were not , which led to some real back trouble.  I was Executive Director of our County Economic Development Commission when given a difficult choice, together we made the decision for me to stay home and raise our children.  I became the bookkeeper for my husband’s trucking business.  We had some struggles with our business and I actually wound up having to become a cross-country semi-truck driver hauling cattle any time we had a driver problem, which was definitely too frequent.  There are too many outrageous stories to tell on this subject.  Our family was also frequently ill at this time, the pharmacist actually referred to us as the "sick Harris family".  So, I turned my research toward eliminating antibiotics and embracing nutrition and supplements. I learned muscle-testing to determine dosages and loved helping us all stay healthy!

40’s ~ Owning businesses, volunteer work, finances, school, family, church, etc. – This was an incredibly busy decade for our family, continuing my husband’s business and starting one of my own. I had been serving as Service Unit Manager for our local Girl Scout Organization and very involved in our church, and also substitute teaching at school, but we really needed more income so I started work in nutrition/wellness consulting. (My husband lost 100 lbs. and I shed 72 lbs.).   We were all busy, happy and thriving!  Then I became too busy with church positions which led to some disillusionment plus  overwhelm from overwork.  Unfortunately, it got worse, I received unwanted advances from church and business acquaintances, which really caused frustration, unfortunate circumstances and more financial woe.  We wound up eventually closing both of our businesses. 

50’s ~ College, Finances, Aging Parents, Transitions – My husband, Doak, found work with a local company that turned into a great job, hauling hazardous material.  He has driven almost 5 million miles in his career!  He was away much of the time, leaving the girls and me to raise each other and celebrate every weekend when he was home.  After both of our wonderful daughters went to college, I also went back to college online to finish my degree and graduate in 2013.  I had studied several majors 35 years earlier, but when I returned I had more clarity of interests.  I wound up dedicating my focused learning to Community Health, Educational Psychology and Human Resource Management, which was a natural fit with both Elder and Child Caregiving and my training and experience in Nutrition & Wellness. 

Both of my parents started having tremendous health struggles and I became their health advocate and caregiver for a decade. With my University studies, several difficult work positions, and juggling parents schedule of medical appointments, I also developed PTSD during this problematic time.  My father underwent many surgeries from ongoing problems and then my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, after a valiant struggle through Oncologial Treatment she died three years later at 87.  My Dad is lasted until age 91 and I was able to help him remain vital, in spite of many conditions, medications and surgeries.  This is where my expeience in nutrition, wellness and Kinesiology really helped! 

The future is so bright I have to wear shades! – In 2017 when I found The Emotion and Body Code™ by Dr. Bradley Nelson, an Energy Healing Method and Certification I knew it was just perfect for me, truly the next step in a path I’ve been on since childhood!  I love helping people and I am quite emotionally sensitive and empathetic.  I have been muscle testing for 25+ years and using this new method to get clear answers and simple energetic solutions is truly profound.  My being able to facilitate the release of trapped emotions which cause imbalances and deeply painful problems, is quite extraordinary.  I literally know The Emotion, Body and Belief CodeSystem togther are the most incredible solution which I was long seeking.  I can help people and also have a fulfilling career!

My own experience with The Emotion Code has been extraordinary!  I was able to rectify my chronic back pain of 27 years and I no longer have any struggles with PTSD anxiety disorder, plus there are so many other beautiful benefits for my husband and daughters – more than I can list.  It is actually hard to comprehend just how much our lives and bodies can become burdened from unreleased emotions. Let me share here that the help with healing for my 91 year-old Father has been nothing short of amazing.  There’s more about his recovery on my website. The first day I worked with him he was absolutely debilitated by fear and lost in Delirium, he had not walked for 17 days after hip surgery!  We found and then released these emotions and he actually walked with physical therapists that same day!

I invite you to visit to explore more and also join a Group Healing Session.  Please keep watching our blog where we will share incredible energy tips and stories.

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