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Teal-tinted mountain landscape with a divine light ray piercing through clouds, symbolizing the presence of a guardian angel.

Angelic Insights: Your Deep Bond with Guardian Angels

angelic guidance Aug 08, 2023

Angels come directly from the Heart of God and are pure love.  If you want to connect with them, you simply need to open your heart and embody angelic qualities like love, compassion and kindness.

Everyone has a Guardian Angel that is with us throughout our Soul journey, through all lifetimes and even in between lives.  When your heart opens in a particular lifetime, you are gifted a second guardian angel just for that life.

Your Guardian Angel is always with you.  If you are relaxed and happy they are nearby.  If you are stressed and anxious, they move right next to you.  And if you are engaging in a dangerous activity, they surround you completely.  

You are perfect in the eyes of your Guardian Angel, they see only your Soul light and love you unconditionally.  Nothing is too much trouble, so remember to ask for assistance or comfort . . . no request is too small or too big.

“My dear Guardian Angel, thank you for always being with me and holding me in love, no matter what.  I thank you with all my heart.”

Guardian Angel Prayer for our Family & Friends

Dear Guardian Angels, 

Watch over all my family and friends

Both near and far

Guard them, protect them, light their path

Be with them during their hour of need

Rejoice with them when all is well

Give them hope, peace and love

This, Guardian Angels, I ask for my loved ones, and for all

Thank you.