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It's Time For Healing

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Thank you for being here

We all have wounds that still hurt. We all need some help sometimes. We all face doubt and feel powerless at some point. We went through it too. We want to acknowledge you for taking this step and showing up for yourself as a priority today. Whatever brought you here, you can breathe, you’re in good hands.

This is a heartfelt story

Global Heart Healing was born in the heart of Joy Harris, who was guided to spread a contagion of healing love and light around the world.
She gathered her soul tribe of dear friends and healers to support this heart-led mission. These special healers bring multiple languages
and various healing modalities for the benefit of the global heart. 

We are here together to first hold space for your process

Explore your Healing Intentions

Embarking on a healing journey can be a powerful step towards your personal growth and well-being. Our free online healing assessment will help you discover where to begin on this path. You`ll receive tips to guide you on your healing journey.

Healing practitioners
at your service

You can schedule a private session with one of our Healing Practitioners and start your journey with an online remote session in one of five different languages ~ English, Spanish, Greek, French, or Turkish.

A Safe space to share with your Community

In addition to your private sessions, we set a safe space to share easily and openly with your community.

Live Online Events, Group Sessions & Workshops

See below our group healing sessions and workshops to help you get more tools and evolve. Upon completion, they will be available in the conscious content library.

Upcoming Webinars

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Joy Harris

Intuitive Energy Healer

Joy's mission is to spread a contagion of Healing Love & Light throughout the Global Heart to lift the whole World. Helping people and animals to heal through energy work, so they can feel better, function better and live happier lives. She finds great joy in Energy Healing, as it makes the world a better place. Certified in the Emotion & Body Code, and Chakra Healing, 

Despina Charavgi

Emotion Code Practitioner

Despina's soul mission is to bring healing and peace to the hearts of this planet. Her motto is “Healing the world, one heart at a time”. Her path of service is through energy work with the Emotion Code™ and teaching English.  She loves nature walks and is an avid reader, passionate about her personal growth. Despina offers her services in Greek and English.

Elsa Le Torrivellec

Intuitive Energy Healer

Elsa can work on every aspect of your life to bring balance and joy back, with a special taste and gift for Ancestors and Past Lives. As a radiant factor of healing and uplifting energy, her mission is to walk you back home to your Heart, supporting the blossoming of your own Self Mastery, in integrity. She offers her services in French, Spanish and English.

Vivienne Keytel

Transformational & Meditation
 Life Coach

Her Soul Purpose of “Helping awaken the Light, joy & power in others by nurturing & through joyful service” underpins everything Vivienne does. As a Transformational & Meditation Life Coach, with Mentoring & Personal Development, she follows her passion to serve others & better the lives of all. Her services include online event facilitation & presenting.

Elif Hürdoğan

Meditation Artist & Chakradance Facilitator

Elif's purpose is to raise the frequency of Earth to love, joy and compassion through meditation, art and movement therapy. She believes that as we heal, we release whatever is not us and we become more of our true selves. She crafts meditations, moon ceremonies and facilitates Chakradance™ sessions. Elif offers her services in English, Turkish and Spanish.

Sarah Patstone

Holistic Therapist and Coach for Adoptees

Sarah is a highly intuitive Bowen Therapy and Reiki practitioner. Her goal is to improve the lives of those she works with by holding space and guiding with empathy using bodywork, energetic communication and mindset reprogramming practices. She is passionate about empowering adoptees to take back their power and live healthy, happy and abundant lives, she herself is adopted. 

Joyce Anastasia

Transformational Leadership Consultant

Joyce is an intuitive leadership consultant, peace ambassador, and an inspirational spiritual advisor. With advanced degrees and extensive hands-on experiences in psychology, consciousness, psi research, quantum healing and innovative business processes, she builds relational trust, bridging the seen and unseen realms.  
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Our hearts are united to help heal Humanity and shift the Consciousness.
Because we are One. If you heal, we all do. Thank you!