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We all have wounds that still hurt. We all need some help sometimes. We all face doubt and feel powerless at some point. We went through it too. We want to acknowledge you for taking this step and showing up for yourself as a priority today. Whatever brought you here, you can breathe, you’re in good hands.


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We are here together to first hold space for your process.

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Global Heart Healing

Engage with our healing sessions conducted in English, Spanish, French, and Greek. Led by compassionate practitioners, these sessions aim to clear blocked emotions and imbalances using the Emotion Code and Body Code, guiding you towards emotional and physical harmony.

Luna Circle

Join us for our Luna Circle ceremonies during the full moon, a time for deep reflection and healing. These gatherings focus on journaling about the moon's energy and its thematic influence on our lives, accompanied by healing releases. It's a powerful moment to connect with the lunar cycle and the collective energy of our community.

Power of Intention

Set powerful healing intentions with us during the new moon in English, and weekly in Spanish. These ceremonies are designed for establishing intentions focused on healing of the globe, as well as you and your loved ones. They offer a sacred space to align your inner desires with the universe's natural rhythms.

Tap Into Your Magic Workshops

Discover the tools to deepen your intuition and unlock your inner potential in our workshops. These sessions are crafted to help you tap into your innate magic, fostering a life led by intuition and spiritual alignment.

MasterHeart Sessions

Participate in our heart-centered mastermind, where community members share insights, wisdom, and support. MasterHeart is a nurturing space for collective wisdom to flourish, offering peer-to-peer advice that resonates with our core values of love and mutual growth.

Exclusive Healing Workshops (Paid)

Our practititoners, Despina and Vivienne offer exclusive paid workshops designed to explore different facets of personal and spiritual growth. They bring their unique insights and healing modalities to guide you through transformative experiences in these 90-minute online sessions.

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This is a heartfelt story

Global Heart Healing was born in the heart of Joy Harris, who was guided to spread a contagion of healing love and light around the world.
She gathered her soul tribe of dear friends and healers to support this heart-led mission. These special healers bring multiple languages and various healing modalities for the benefit of the global heart. 


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Joy Harris
Emotion, Body & Belief Code Practitioner
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Despina Charavgi
Intuitive Energy Heale
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Elsa Le Torrivellec
Intuitive Energy Healer
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Vivienne Keytel
Transformational &
Meditation Life Coach
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Elif Hürdoğan
Meditation Artist & Chakradance Facilitator
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Sarah Patstone
Holistic Therapist and Coach for Adoptees
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Joyce Anastasia
Transformational Leadership Consultant
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Our hearts are united to help heal Humanity and shift the Consciousness.
Because we are One. If you heal, we all do. Thank you!


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